Philip Creaser Custom Homes
Nova Scotia: Built to last

Phil Creaser homes: yesterday's fine craftmanship, today's best capabilities. A lifetime love of building delivers quality, integrity & individuality

Philip Creaser, a Nova Scotia custom home builder, smiles over his life-time partnership with carpentry. "I could do it 24 hours a day!"

Lunenburg and area are known for the finest tradesmen, starting back some 250-plus years ago. Philip, a seventh generation descendent of Riverport's original settlers, brings those inherited strengths to the building site. He builds his homes to last by using the finest of yesterday's craftmanship with the best of today's expertise.

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In 1975, the-then 10 year old takes to hammer-and-nails with eager enthusiasm. He's delighted to help his family build their lake-side cabin. Photo shows Phil on the right with his brother, James.

Thirty years later, the Lunenburg County carpenter says, "I always liked building stuff with wood." When high school guidance counselors predicted a trade boom, Philip knew the trade for him. He's never regretted his decision, nor has he ever been out of work.

The well-respected builder credits the Nova Scotia Community College's two-year course with providing him a solid foundation. "To start," he recalls, "basic skills with hand tools, how to draw a set of plans, how to design, the theory, the practical."

At age 19, Philip began drawing his own house plans. He and his then-girlfriend, now wife, Valerie, envisioned it as a "plain cape" with no dormers. "We'd go for a drive and would see something we liked. I'd draw it into the plans." The couple saved for two years, then during a three-week vacation in 1992, Phil and a crew of 14 friends and family members transformed a pile of lumber into a remarkable, three-story, weather-tight house with windows and doors.

True to form, he finished the home in a year - at the same time as working a job and, after hours, odd jobs. "Some days I'd get up at 3, head out to my workshop, then leave for work at 6:30. I'd have supper at 5, then be working from 6 - 11." He kept the harrowing schedule for 17 years, then, in 2000, a chance encounter led him to striking out on his own.

A couple from Ontario knocked on the door. They figured whoever owned the house must be a carpenter - and that's precisely who they needed.

On a handshake and a flurry of faxes over the next seven months, their 1,500 square foot house went from being completely gutted to a turn-key-welcome-back-home. Phil built 800 square feet of additions, he removed and replaced the exterior siding, installed all new windows, doors, floors, wiring and plumbing.

All without help.

"I don't know how I did it," he admits with a grin.

This pretty pair sit along side the family home. Built in 1998, they offer more fine examples of Philip Creaser designed and built windows.

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